TB_full_fr_01MyClassicThunderbird is a page about my 1957 Ford Thunderbird. All around the car, it’s technics, and what i experienced with it will be written here. The decision to make a page came when Jack put a video on youtube when the car left his place. I have been so deeply mooved that i decided to continue it somehow. Besides that i need a collection of technical stuff – and why not share it with other fans of old american dreamcars.

Although i am not a native english speaker i decided to try to write this page in english because of three reasons:
– it is an American car!
– i hope i can reach more people
– Jack has a chance to keep an eye on ‘his’ baby
So please be patient with my english and feel free to correct me when i am writing too much bullshit.

In the end this page want’s to be both: a diary and a techblog.

I hope you enjoy!