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When it all started in February 2016 i had a nice chat with Larry and Jack over the ebay mailsystem. Have a look and smile ….

i saw your beautiful Thunderbird in the auction. Is it sold? If not … what is your reserve?

I have over $xx.000.00 in this vehicle i will see it for $xx.000.


Hi Larry (i hope this is your name ;-),
$xxk sounds interesting, but i have some questions:
– do you have a title and papers for the car. Otherwise i will have a lot of trouble to get a registration here in germany.
– where is the car located? Arizona? Canada? Since when?
– Do you have some more pictures you can send?


Yes i have the title, the vehicle is in Canada it’s been here for 14 years always stored in a heated garage I have several antique vehicles I’m trying to down size,this vehicle is in perfect condition, i don’t know what other pictures I can sent you that are not already on the listing the vehicle is in storage for the winter so if you want picture of the undercarriage I can’t get them but i assure you it’s in perfect condition, over the year i have won several first place and best in show trophies with this vehicle. I have $xx.000.00 in receipts.


Hi Larry,
sorry for my late reply, but i have been busy the last days.
So i am still interested, but i can not buy a $xxk car without being sure that the car is in the condition you say it is. I hope you do not misunderstand me, but i need some pictures of the undercarriage and the scans of your invoices. At least i will send a car inspector to have a detailed look at the car (and get the pictures of the undercarriage). The condition of the undercarriage is so important for me, as the frame has to be nearly perfect to get an approval here.

I have already contacted a local us-car dealer regarding paying and shipping. He told me that all is possible on short term, but he would only do it after an inspection.

So could you please send me the scans of the invoices and find a way to get the car out of the store to make an inspection.


The cars is in storage and it’s impossible to get pictures of the undercarriage, this car came for Arizona and it’s rust free, the frame is in perfect condition. The roads are full of salt and their is no way that i will drive it on these roads, i will send you scans of the receipts. If you want to have it inspected that’s not a problem at all. This car would have never won the awards it has over the years if it wasn’t in the condition i say it is.


For sure i want to beleve you! But sadly there are a lot of unserious offers in the internet and i have been insistantly warned to buy a car only by having seen some photos and “good words”. It is not against you, just to protect myself. If i would not trust you i would not spend 380$ for an inspector!

I see the problem driving a car on winter roads, but you should be able to show the inspector the car and to let the engine run. For me it is also ok to wait until the weather is good enough for a test ride. Here it is also winter and before end of Mai i would drive the car neither. If this is not an option for you i would accept an inspection without driving.
So please let me know, that i can organise the inspector.


I do’t have a problem with someone doing and inspection, Their are only a few that i would recommend in this area their is Metro Qualified vehicle appraisers they have been in bushiness for 30 plus years 902 499 9155 and Canavan appraisers but their very hard to get to do anything. i might possibly try and get it trucked to a garage and put it up on a lift and take some pictures. i do understand what you are saying about buying i vehicle just in the persons word my last won i bought from the U.S. wasn’t what it was suppose to be.


Ok, i would suggest I saw a report of them and it was professionally done. They seem to be available in Canada also and i would give them a try.
When i place an order they will contact you so that you can arrange a meeting with them where and when you like. I think it would be best they come to the garage when the car is on the lift.
To fill out the order form i need some information from you and the car. I added a screenshot with the order form.

When you find the time to scan your invoices it would be perfect.


You were talking to Jack he has the best idea why not just fly here and see it for yourself then you will know that he is being truthful, as far as the recipes he has it would take hours to scan them he said he not doing that I think he starting to get a little upset, he has so much money in this car and is going to lose so much, when he bought it he paid $xx.000.00 for it and has spent thousands on it.


Hi Larry, or Jack, or whoever.
I do not know where the problem is. You have a car to sell – i would like to buy. All i know so far is a few pictures of the car that are looking good.
What i do not have:
– Detailed pictures, especially from the undercarriage
– a VIN
– any document where can be seen that you are the owner
– not even a name and an adress of the seller

What do you expect? I will not buy this car (or any other) without these informations and a report from an independent inspector. So if you are interested in selling the car, please give me the infos i need to hire at least the inspector. I am in contact with automobileinspections and they probably have a guy near you, but they need your adress. He will contact you to arrange a meeting to inspect the car.

Coming to Canada is not an option, as
– i do not have the time
– i am not an expert in classic cars like a professional inspector
– it is much more expensive for me than to hire an expert


I’m Larry, Jack is the fellow that you were talking to he owns the car ,their was never any pictures deleted of the undercarriage they were never taken, contact Jack he will give you all the info you need I’m just the person who listed the vehicle, I think that Jack already told you to send someone to inspect the car that’s not a problem.


At least i got the address and number of Jack and ordered the inspector.


Hi all,
i ordered the inspection. Let’s see what happens.


Hopefully everything goes good


Indeed the inspector met Jack and the car (twice!) and did his job. A few days later i got the protocol with a lot of pictures and decided to buy the car.


Hi Jack,
i just received the report and have to say that i am impressed. Beautiful car – like you said. Now i want to get down to business.
I wrote directly to an import company that they take over and do everything from paying to shipping. Please give me a few days to get all organized. The companys name is “californiaimport” and i gave them your mail and number, so maybe they get in contact with you.
If you need a deposit let me know.


This is Larry
You should give Jack a call xxx xxx xxxx


I had a phonecall with Jack that was a bit strange, as i could barely understand him. His slang, my english and the quality of the connection made a hard peace of work.


Jack tried to call you and At x-xxx-xxx xxxx and couldn’t get through could you give him a call.


Another call with Jack. Same issues, but finally we got it. Until …


Jack said to tell you that it will take up to six weeks for the check to clear and he will not release the car until the check is cleared.
if you want to call him. xxx-xxx-xxxx


If you haven’t already sent the cheque would it be easier to do a wire transfer.


Hi Larry, Jack,
i haven’t sent the cheque yet and i think that the guy from californiaimport will contact Jack today or tomorrow. He is stationed in USA and has the order to handle everything in my name. If he does not call Jack until tomorrow evening let me know.


The shippers have been talking to Jack their going to wire the money to his account.


That’s the story of Larry, Jack and me. Finally all went good, but it has been a hard peace of work 😉

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