The first ride

P1030979Today my T-Bird, my sweetheart and i had the first real ride. Getting the car from Augsburg to Ingolstadt two weeks ago ended on the back of the tow truck. At least we found out the capacitor of the ignition has been broken – thanks to Dominic for finding the issue! As i could not wait for the spare parts to arrive i tinkered one with a 220nF/275V capacitor from the local electronics store. And it is running fine! So i brought the car from the garage to my home, cleaned and dryed it, and then we started the engine.

What can i say – it has been perfect. The car was fine, the sound perfect and the weather finally summer! It is an adventure to drive such an old car, but it is big fun.

We took a route from Ingolstadt to Neuburg and made a stop at Audi Neuburg where the Donau Classic ended this day. So we had a view on many realy old cars – marvelous. Then we drove to the city of Neuburg, had an ice cream and then got back to the garage. On our way we met Thomas Frank, head of Audi Tradition, stopping at a traffic light near by and made a date for the US car event in Geisenfeld.

All in all a great evening and i am all smiles.


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